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We have found in our own work with an advertising system we invented that ads placed within the flow of the page content perform orders of magnitude better than traditional online advertising.

The performance of these ads is incredible, better than we could have predicted. The theory of course was that ads placed within the flow of the page content (essentially elevated to the position of site content) would perform much better than traditional website ads, but the main column ads have outperformed expectations.


Think of the reader’s attention as a flowing river

The data we have shows clearly that the closer the ad is to the centre of the flowing river, the better the clicks per 1,000 views. Ads placed in a side column are essentially on the riverbank and therefore do about as well as the industry average (which is very low).

Ads placed in a traditional top of page position get a little closer to the flowing river, perhaps dipping a toe in the edge of the water, and so those ads perform slightly better, but not by much.

But when we place an ad within the main column page content (right in the flowing river of the reader's attention) the clicks per 1,000 views skyrocket, from 1 click per 1,000 views to as much as 157 clicks per 1,000 views. That is extraordinary.
It is important to note that we have used simple well-designed static display ads (JPG images) in our advertising system.

We have done this for a few reasons. One, the display ad is much larger than traditional online ads, and can be larger because it is placed within the main column page column (it has more room to breathe). Two, the placement of the display ad does not interfere with the design or layout of the website, meaning there is no need to design a website around the placement of traditional ad banners. Three, a simple display ad contains no tracking script, no heavy interactive features which slow page load times (users are annoyed by tracking and browser heavy ads). Four, elevating the ad to the position of content by making it a simple image means the ad is not blocked by ad blocking plugins (which are growing in popularity and may already be used by up to one quarter of users).

Greg PaulhusComment